The Country of Wano story arc leads the anime adaptation of ONE PIECE to an amazing level. The direction and animations of the production have reached such a high standard that it rivals well-known evenings like Ufotable's Demon Slayer, which however is a seasonal anime and not a weekly one like ONE PIECE.

The anime ONE PIECE, which has been in the works since October 20, 1999, has achieved one excellent quality. Comparing the first episodes with the latest ones, it seems like a completely different production. In particular, episode 1033 of ONE PIECE makes the viewers of the series cry out in wonder.

During the aforementioned episode, we witness some of the best animations ever brought to the table by TOEI Animation, which certainly doesn't spare any expense. As we can see from the tweets at the end of the article, the fanbase was amazed when Big Mom avenged little Otama, beaten cowardly by Ulti. Alongside Hera, the deputy to Zeus, Prometeus and Napoleon, the Empress throws a master cannon that we will hardly forget.

But this is just one of the scenes that make up an episode that is nothing short of outstanding. After that it's her Fight between Luffy and Kaido have inflamed souls. The battle between the two pirates will go down in anime history. Will there be such a high level in ONE PIECE 1034?

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