Considered by many fans to be one of the best films inspired by the vast pirate universe of Eiichiro Oda, ONE PIECE: Stampede it actually underwent numerous changes in the pre-production phase. In fact, it seems that originally it should have focused on the character of Portuguese D. Ace, an idea that hasn't been entirely lost.

One of the most exciting moments of the entire pirate epic lived by Luffy and his companions is surely the death of Ace during theMarineford story arc. An event that sparked many discussions among fans and, years later, led some of the authors involved in the production of the film ONE PIECE: Stampede to propose a story entirely dedicated to Ace. The decision to tell about Ace's life, especially his own romantic relationshipswas later destined to produce the film we know today.

The ONE PIECE editors themselves have revealed some interesting information about the time before the actual production. The idea was tell a love story never seen before, starring Ace. Oda couldn't contribute much to the writing as he was busy with the manga and asking the writers to cover something that would have been possible in his world. This freedom led to the birth of this idea, declined to wrap a film to celebrate 20 years of the franchiseand partially incorporated into the novel dedicated to Ace.

And you would have liked to see a movie about Ace's love life? Tell us in the comments. Finally, we leave you with the hypotheses on Chapter 1048 of ONE PIECE.

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