The weekly Shonen Jump Home Pirate Odyssey, ONE PIECEis a work that not all aces in an exciting story, but also in its characters and their characterization up the sleeve. Each of them is actually different from each other, especially because of the relationships within the Mugiwara.

As the manga prepares for the Emperor's attack, online fans continue to joke about some of the fun stunts from Eiichiro Oda. The Sensei is a particularly eccentric man who is able to combine seriousness and fun with synergies. On the occasion of an old SBS, the question and answer angle between the author and the fans, Oda revealed what nicknames he introduced himself for Sanji instead of "Soba Mask" from the point of view of his crew members:

  • Luffy would have called him "Black, Mask and Hair";
  • Zoro, on the other hand, is simply "idiot";
  • Nami would have opted for a simple "cloak";
  • Original Usop with his "Lightning Skyser";
  • Robin: "Nefanda Mask";
  • Bizarre the nickname Chopper chose with "Valli to take, Sanji"
  • Praise to Franky for his "Black Whirling Destroyer";
  • Last but not least, Brooks nickname: "Envious man in women's baths";

Particularly funny names that summarize the different personalities of the characters. In this context you can treat the events in chapter 931 of ONE PIECE again in our special special.

Can't argue with Brooks Logic from r / OnePiece

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