ONE PIECE is certainly one of the most popular and popular anime series in the industry. A legendary theme song, which was commissioned by 4Kids and composed by Shawn Freshco Conrad, contributed to the immense success in the USA. The original author explained the background to the composition in a video recently uploaded to YouTube.

Shawn Conrad began his musical career under the name Freshcoand he worked with great artists like Jay Z and Notorious BIG, and despite the fame he gained, decided it was time to change and find a more stable job and became a sound engineer before taking the flight the opportunity to work for 4Kids, now 4Licensing Corporation.

But as he admits in the video that you can find at the top of the page, Conrad didn't want to appear for the interview at first, mainly because he wasn't aware of any of the shows the company was producing. When the meeting was over, Shawn was given a document that summarizes all the distinctive features of the main characters, their skills and their respective roles within Luffy's crew, all the information and details that the artist was able to build the famous theme song around.

Among the various anecdotes told in the video, Conrad said so The initial "Yo" was his idea, derived from the desire to bring the end result closer to what it had previously produced. Recall that a meme brought the protagonists of ONE PIECE into the invincible universe and we will let you find out how tall Whitebeard is, the mighty emperor who died at Marineford.

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