Across the span of Wano, one of the longest-lived of ONE PIECE, Sanji proved to be one of the most determined Mugiwara, thanks largely to his fight against Queen, Kaido's powerful subordinate. To honor his exploits, Fantasy Studio has recreated the battle in a magnificent and expensive collectible statue.

When each crew member has proven to be fundamental on multiple occasions, Zoro and Sanji play a different role. Without the two of them, Luffy could not have survived many desperate situations, and Nico Robin has no hesitation in calling the skilled swordsman and chef the wings of the Pirate King. An important title that is not often repeated within the manga, but it still has its weight.

So as a reminder one of Sanji's most demanding and important challenges Fantasy Studio artists created the character that you can see at the bottom of the page. The statue, which will arrive in Q3 2023, depicts the moment when Sanji manages to hit Queen with one of his fiery techniques derived from the Diable Jamble, knocking him to the ground. The figure is 53 centimeters tall and a pre-order is possible for those interested in buying it Price of 595 euros.

Finally we let you discover one of the mysterious skills of Vegapunk and an analysis of the Egghead saga.

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