It was 2017 when Tokyo Revengers debuted in Kodansha's Weekly Shonen Magazine. The work began with a bang in popularity and although the latter has waned, Ken Wakui still greeted fans with affection.

There is no shortage of those who have it lost interest work in progress, but the famous comic portal announces: 'Many fans have pointed this out his own lack of affection for the ending of Tokyo Revengers' deus ex machina, seen as a betrayal of the series itself. But it could perfectly reflect the original phases instead.

The beginning of everything saw Takemichi glowing with desire to save his beloved Hinata and her brother Naoto. To counteract the powerful Manji gang that killed them all, the young protagonist can do nothing but use his power to travel through time and turn the tide. The series then continues, although Takemichi's original goal has been achieved. The protagonist travels back in time again, this time to save Mikey. 'This is where the series strays from the original premise and begins to lose what made it so compelling in the first half'.

Takemichi's power expands and pulls together situations culminating in his final time travel Mikey unties all knots. Takemichi e hinata eventually they marry and remember the optimistic spirit of the first phase, victory over fate. And what do you think of the ending? Let us know by commenting below and don't miss the list of the most popular Tokyo Revengers characters

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