Obviously one of the major franchise companies ever seen in the large and rich anime and manga industries ONE PIECE, an epic that over the course of these long years has managed to win over a large audience first through paper production and then through animated adaptation.

The IP has seen the arrival of various themed productions, including animated films, video games, spin-offs, and more, a number of works that They helped keep the brand's interest high. Given the continued success - flanked by an enormous amount of fanart and themed cosplay - more and more companies have dedicated themselves to the development of gadgets that should inspire the most eager collectors, including Big Gecko Studio.

In fact, thanks to a great ONE PIECE figure dedicated to Sanji, the company's guys have recently come into the spotlight. As can be seen in the pictures at the end of the news, the product is He sees our beloved pirate cook ready to launch a violent attack while high flames surround it from all sides, with an end result that can really leave you with your eyes open. As announced, the whole thing is already pre-orderable for a total price of $ 395, while the release is currently planned for the fourth quarter of 2020.

Before we greet you, we would also like to remind you that it has only recently become known that a new title song will appear in the cartoon series ONE PIECE.

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