In the manga by ONE PIECE The clashes between pirates and samurai continue in Onigashima. Recent events included the entry on the scene of Nico Robin, who struck the hearts of many fans in a certain cartoon. This is how an artist wanted to reproduce the scene.

Chapter 1005 of Eiichiro Oda's work brings up the difficulties of Sanji in confrontation with Black Maria, one of the powerful subordinates of Emperor Kaido, known as Tobiroppo. Indeed, the Straw Hat crew's cook adheres to his own principles preventing him from harming a woman and is therefore forced to find himself clearly at a disadvantage before the enemy Ask the archaeological attendant for help.

Immediately arrived to the rescue of man, Robin She meets the huge opponent and, with Brooks' help, frees her boyfriend and later thanks him for counting on her. In this last action, the girl appears with a very happy face, which will surely remain in the minds of many fans.

Twitter user Amanomoon_ is one of those who was so impressed by the look on Robin's face that he decided to represent her with one Style very similar to Toei Animation. In the past, the same artist had already shown us his version of Black Maria from ONE PIECE, and now, as we can see in the picture below in the article, his new subject is the archaeologist, who appears as in the original work with a Smile that can enchant many readers and colored with a style very reminiscent of the cartoon series.

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Finally, I remember that ONE PIECE is rapper Megan Thee Stallion's favorite work.

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