Recently Shueisha has prepared a whole world of side dishes for ONE PIECE, its flagship manga and its fame will echo for decades to come. Eiichiro Oda created such a large universe with so many characters that it is impossible to focus on them through the main manga.

This is why special magazines are like this ONE PIECE Magazine, which also accompanied the first light novels dedicated to various characters such as Trafalgar Law and Nico Robin. But among these light novels there was also one dedicated to the Portuguese D. Ace, and due to its popularity, the announcement of a manga adaptation drawn by Boichi has arrived.

The mangaka made for Sun Ken Rock and Dr. Stone will focus on the implementation of ONE PIECE Novel A, in which the protagonist is Ace. Thanks to the promo for the publication of ONE PIECE Magazine Volume 10, we know that the The first chapter consists of a total of 54 pages, 3 of which are in color. In the manga, the adaptation of the first part of the Ace Light novel written by Sho Hinata is expected. It is unknown if the next chapters of this Ace story will return with the art of Boichi or whether it will be continued by another author.

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