The film ONE-PIECE: RED brought Shanks and his crew back to the show's audience. The red pirate, emperor of the seas, already had its place with its own posters and videos. Of course, there will also be other characters in the Toei animated film, some of which are completely unreleased and therefore prepared for the occasion.

After the space dedicated to the mysterious pirates Jellyfish, it was the turn of the production to show other characters. In ONE PIECE: RED, many characters will be associated with the Uta concert, who will not sing and perform alone. The idol of this pirate world will have a crew behind. The new video first introduces the young Romy and Yoruekatwo children, voiced by Chiise Nitsu and Yuki Kaiji respectively, who are visibly poor.

The rest of the promo is instead dedicated to the animal band which consists of five anthropomorphic members and will play for Uta, the two background dancers, the Music Note Warriors, and finally as the mascot the bull Ushi. All of these groups have been featured both in the video that you will find in the first tweet and in the various images highlighting their character design.

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