With the arrival of a new ONE PIECE cinematic adventure, it's inevitable that Toei Animation, with the help of original writer Eiichiro Oda, has planned unreleased characters that will be integral to the next storyline. With the first trailer for ONE PIECE: RED, the central position of Uta became clear.

Shanks' daughter won't be the only unreleased character in the film, however. Wait a few seconds to learn more about the last enemy, the environment and much more In the introductory video of ONE PIECE: RED we saw a different character. At the same time, the production revealed his name: It's Gordon, with a role that has yet to be resolved.

The frame has highlighted the distinctive features of his face, but now we can see him in full length. That Gordon's official full color character design, the new character from ONE PIECE: RED. The head is elongated and scarred, indicating seniority, and has a large hump on the back. Wearing a long green dress, she seems to play an almost antagonistic role, perhaps as the shoulder of the villain on duty or the general machinist of the plot.

What are your impressions of this ONE PIECE character?

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