The Mugiwara's latest big-screen adventure narrated on film ONE-PIECE: RED has achieved enormous success not only in Japan but worldwide. The box office has made the film the highest-paying film in the franchise, and fans will soon be able to purchase a special home video version.

ONE PIECE: RED has also been established as one of the most successful films produced and distributed by Toei Animation and is also preparing to receive stellar reception through Blu-ray and DVD sales. Of the June 14, 2023 in Japan, it will be possible to purchase one of the above two versions of the film, collected in a special collector's box. The front illustration is devoted almost entirely to Luffy and Shanks, while Uta, famous singer and daughter of the Emperor, remains central, albeit small.

On the sides of the box we find the instead Film logo and the three red scars added by Blackbeard on Shanks. In the post at the bottom of the page, published by the film's official account, it is also possible to see the images present on the three discs included in the pack: a plain red disc with the aforementioned scratches, all mugiwaras overlaid by Shanks and Uta as well as an overview of Elegia, the island of music on which much of the film takes place.

In addition to the film, in the special box set, they will also be present Gadgets dedicated to Uta, and a bonus CD with greetings and thanks from the production. Finally, we would like to remind you that Anime Factory has also announced the film's ultra-limited steelbook and we leave you with our review of ONE PIECE: RED.

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