After completing the second act of Wano's story arc, the anime of ONE PIECE He showed us some events from the world outside of samurai land. Together, let's find out the preview of episode 959, which anticipates the beginning of act three.

Many events have shocked the world conceived by Eiichiro Oda, and eventually the scene will return to ascend Wano, Place where Luffy and the samurai organize a revolt against the emperor Kaido.

It is possible to notice that thanks to the preview at the end of episode # 958, which can be seen in the tweet at the bottom of this message Red sheathsor the vassals of the previous shogun Odes Kozuki, gathered in the port from which the attack on Onigashima will begin, the place where the mighty enemy is.

Each of the above warriors suffered particularly from the death of their master Kinemon which, in the preview, seems to remember a man's face which is shown later on board a ship. It is likely that it was the legendary samurai who was in command of one of the Whitebeard pirate divisions, as mentioned in the previous episode of Akainu. So it seems that more information on Oden will be revealed soon.

The protagonists are now also shown You are preparing for the upcoming battle. What do you think? Are you ready to witness the clash with the mighty emperor? Would you like to learn more about the character of Oden? Let us know with a comment.

I also remember that in the last episode of ONE PIECE the moment the legend of Garp was born was revealed and I finally bring back a great cosplay of Nico Robin from ONE PIECE.

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