Fans of ONE PIECE In each chapter, they are desperately looking for elements that can lead to certain developments in history. This habit has existed for years considering how well each character created by Oda is cut in the pirate world. And now that we're getting closer to the ONE PIECE finale, everything becomes more important.

Oda hides details practically everywhere and a fan may have just found an important connection between the covers of ONE PIECE tankobons that would allow us to understand when Wanokuni, the current saga, will end.

As the fan found out, Eiichiro Oda used in four sagas (Alabasta, Enies Lobby, Dressrosa, Whole Cake Island) in succession some specific compositions, which then led to the final phases of the saga in question. Let's start with the examples.

In the Alabasta saga, volume 21 shows the enemy group or the Baroque works, followed by the group of protagonists in volume 22. Im Volume 23 instead ended the clash between Crocodile and Luffy. Let's move on to the next saga, that of Enie's lobby. In volume 42 the CP9 was the star of the cover, followed by the Mugiwara in volume 43. Lo The clash between Luffy and Rob Lucci ended in volume 44.

We also continue with the last two sagas: For Dressrosa we saw the Donquijote family gather on the cover of volume 77, followed by Luffy, the few companions on the island, Law and the rest of the alliance on volume 78. And not surprising. in the Volume 79 The clash between Luffy and Doflamingo ended. Finally, the same reasoning applies to Whole Cake Island, where the Big Mom family is on the cover of ONE PIECE 87, Luffy's crew in volume 88 and the The Luffy VS Katakuri final took place in 1989.

So if we follow this pattern and the cover of the entire crew of Kaido is shown on a tape of ONE PIECE, we could witness the final stages of Wanokuni. Did you notice this curiosity?

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