Buggy has always been a marginal figure in the events of ONE PIECE, which from the first chapters manages to arouse more laughter than respect or terror from readers and protagonists. Though his actions made him a threat to the Navy, one fan wanted to honor him by making him another famous comic book clown.

conferment of the imperial title, buggy He is currently considered one of the most dangerous pirates to sail the waters of the New World, thanks largely to his active participation in the Cross Guild, the organization set up by Crocodile to respond to the Marines with their own currency: placing bounties on them heads.

A series of events that he will most likely lead to play a key role in the final ONE PIECE saga, where he could deal again directly with Luffy or with his old partner Shanks. To find out how his position will develop, a fan of the series was sought Imagine a Joker themed buggyBatman's historical nemesis, played by Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix in the film directed by Todd Philips.

In @Vamos_MK's post, which you can see below, The Emperor appears as the perfect joker, with her long blue hair and cute red nose. Let us know what you think about this unique crossover in the comments.

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