ONE PIECE is all too famous in Japan, which led to the fact that not only the usual special products such as figures, action figures, stickers and key rings were created. His merchandising expands, so that Shueisha even creates an entire magazine. The editorial staff of the Japanese house also deals with the ONE PIECE of magazine.

The ONE PIECE magazine, which has been published irregularly for several years, deals with the publication of interviews with Eiichiro Oda or the staff as well as the various editors who follow the work, those who work on the anime, extra and special pages, unpublished drafts and illustrations, interesting News about characters and locations, and much more. Some of the products on offer are even chapters from light novels and manga. In the past, the chapters of Law's light novel and the adaptation of the Ace novel were published.

with the publication of ONE PIECE magazine number 12 There will be another batch of this content. The manga about Portgas D. Ace will return, now the third chapter. This edition could also end Boichi's interpretation of Sho Hinata's light novel. The magazine won't stop here, there Special issue with the title "LUFF". Below is the cover of the magazine dedicated to Luffy, Sabo and Ace with their sake cups and their initials branded underneath, and the Cover of the special issue with the protagonist of ONE PIECE while toasting with his adoptive brothers.

The new issue of ONE PIECE magazine is planned for the beginning of September 2021 in Japan.

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