It was a bolt of lightning that shocked the fans of ONE PIECE - and of other souls that were to be aired in the spring season - when at the end of April the postponement was announced due to the Covid which made production difficult. Finally, however, a few weeks ago the return of ONE PIECE was announced.

After the arrival of the East Blue saga on Crunchyroll, the well-known streaming platform was able to present the anime fans the first unpublished episode of ONE PIECE from the arch of Wanokuni, 930, which was originally supposed to air in late April. Here we finally made the acquaintance of Queen, one of the three calamities that are located at the top of the hierarchies of the crew of Emperor Kaido of the Hundred Beasts.

After watching the episode that marks the definitive return of ONE PIECE in the schedules, the fans let themselves go to the expected expressions of joy. In addition to the return in itself, Toei has prepared an episode that according to the fans he has let himself be seen easily and with good animations, as well as many scenes where Luffy gives his best. Below you can see some of the tweets of ONE PIECE fans where this general consensus becomes clear, did you like the episode?

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