ONE PIECE: In Chapter 988, betrayal has dire consequences. Which consequences?

Lately we've seen a lot of characters traveling with the Straw Hat crew. It is in fact from Punk Hazard that other travelers have also accommodated on the Thousand Sunny who have lost or gained weight depending on the circumstances. However, one of these allies of ONE PIECE has switched sides.

Now that you know the fate of the traitor Kanjuro, it is time to watch the effects of yet another betrayal. During the Whole Cake Island Arch Nami had managed to get his hands on Zeus, one of the elemental spirits that always accompanied Big Mom. By spoiling him with the spheres of the climatic act, she convinced him to inhabit the staff and help her.

On the current ONE PIECE island Big Mom managed to lock Nami up and take Zeus back. However, the cloud in ONE PIECE 988 was the victim of a new change of ownership: the first time it returned to the Gatta thief, but was then taken in by the empress because Zeus had to obey the instructions of its creator.

Zeus betrays Nami and begins an attack that could kill her instantly. Only Brook intervenes in time by cutting the cloud. Now that Zeus is helpless Nami could take it back and use it for Climate Tact. Will Nami's weapon return destructively or will the electric cloud stay with her beloved until the end? In the meantime, don't miss the Nami cosplay prepared by Beke Jacoba.

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