Slowly, Eiichiro Oda has gutted a lot of curiosities and anecdotes about ONE PIECE, especially on the Mugiwara, the members of the straw hat crew. In the latest tank note, which was published in Japan, he revealed, for example, how and with what his protagonists eat fried eggs and much more.

Although more than 24 years have passed since the beginning of ONE PIECE, the Sensei still surprises today with every number of the manga, which often hides strange details and great twists. In any case, the section where the teacher responds to the many curiosities of the readers is in the corner of the SBS that is present in every volume in the series.

In particular, in one of the tankobons, Oda replied to a fan about how often do the Mugiwara bathe during the week. The answer may surprise you, and here it follows:

  • Luffy: weekly;
  • Zoro: weekly;
  • Nami: Daily;
  • Usopp: once every three days;
  • Sanji: Daily;
  • Chopper: once every three days;
  • Nico Robin: Every day;
  • Franky: once every three days;
  • Brook: weekly;

On the other hand, did you expect such results? Please let us know as usual with a comment below. Before parting, did you know that Massimo Stano paid homage to Luffy after winning the gold medal?

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