In ONE PIECE 957 we were finally introduced to the legend of the pirate rocks of Eiichiro Oda. This legendary group, which once competed with Gol D. Roger for rule of the seas, had been mentioned a number of times, and the Mangaka had built us on a great aura of mystery.

The Pirates of Rocks were made up of legendary people like Whitebeard, Big Mom, Kaido, and many other extremely powerful individuals that we can still find in the world of today ONE PIECE. However, the crew members hated each other and often led to bloody battles within them. It is therefore not surprising that Kaido appears to be rejecting his former captain.

When Kaido talks about deaths after several suicide attempts, he always mentions the honorable deaths of characters like Roger and Whitebeard or references the relationship with death that Wanokuni's samurai seem to value. He never mentions Rocks, however, his captain, who appears officially dead at the moment.

This leads to various theories, including the fact that Rocks put an unworthy end to a character of his caliber, perhaps through the work of the Heavenly Dragons, or that he is in fact still alive. We may never know which of the two theories is true or if there is more to it Relationship between Kaido and Rocks.

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