The eleventh Mugiwara has been discussed for some time, a puzzle that will probably only be solved at the end of the Wano saga. It will take a while until then Eiichiro Oda closes this phase of ONE PIECE. from and for that, fans can only make assumptions and hypotheses on the basis of the elements told at the moment.

Even if the end of the Wano saga is still a long way off, Eiichiro Oda seems to be a decisive turn in the direction of A. certain direction with chapter 1016 of ONE PIECE. Indeed, Yamato has climbed the Onigashima Dome to face her father and is determined to go all out to thwart the odds while she waits for Luffy to return to defeat him once and for all.

There are several sentences that make this short talk interesting, and one concerns Yamato's desire to get on Luffy's ship to leave Wano and finally explore the world. So far, Kaido's daughter has always made it clear that she wants to go and take advantage of the Straw Hat Pirate's arrival, but with this new explanation in ONE PIECE 1016, it seems real very likely his final entry into the crew.

You want to see Yamato at work with the other Mugiwara?

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