Despite the story of ONE PIECE goes on slowly and relentlessly, nobody has forgotten the fate of the Portuguese D. Ace, let alone his brother Luffy. For this very reason, waiting for the confrontation between the protagonist and Blackbeard continues to arouse the community’s thirst for curiosity. But who will be ahead?

While the winner may appear to be a foregone conclusion, it is really only right to point out the benefit of the doubt, as Sensei has long been used to sudden twists and turns. But where Luffy really defeated Blackbeardthe question arises: how did he do it?

At the moment, the Mugiwara captain is probably not yet powerful enough to fight equally with an emperor who can use two of the franchise’s strongest devil fruits. However, there is a detail from one of the old chapters of the manga that deserves your attention, or a dialogue that manifests through crocodile. As you can see from the table in question at the end of the news, his words remind us of how important it is not only the war potential of one’s own power, but these skills are only acquired through hard training. Instead, when Blackbeard has made Gura Gura relatively new for a few years, Luffy has cultivated its techniques and put unimaginable effort to achieve exceptional results, to say the least, with a fruit with a much lower potential. Could this be the main weakness of the main opponent of ONE PIECE?

As always, let us know what you think with a comment below, but not before reading the Manga Editor statements when reading Chapter 986.

a reminder (ft. power levels and speculation between Luffy and Blackbeard) from r / OnePiece

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