In the different seasons of the year The attack of the giants There does not seem to be a moment of peace for members of the Scout Army. However, in the new illustration we have the opportunity to observe the protagonists who intend to deliver gifts. Let's see it together.

The new picture, shared over the Christmas holidays, shows Eren, Armin, Mikasa and Levi completely immersed in the city Christmas spirit. In fact, the four of them fly with their three-dimensional maneuvering system over the roofs of a city to deliver gifts. The drawing is shown at the end of this message and the situation in which the boys are shown is certainly very unusual as the group always has been committed to survival. In previous seasons, the Eldians were actually constantly being attacked by the Titans, while in The Attack of the Giants 4, of which the fourth episode images were leaked, theReconnaissance army it hasn't come out yet, but we saw a battle of the nation of Marley.

I remember that the new season of the anime was not produced by Wit Studio like the previous ones, but that it was entrusted MAP. Unfortunately, however, the latter company seems to face numerous problems creating The Attack of the Giants 4.

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