In the past there has been talk of the future production of live action from Netflix ONE PIECE and recently a number of fans suggested a role for actress Jamie Lee Curtis. Here because.

The production of the new series dedicated to the pirates of Eiichiro Odas Manga has already started, and recently we also had the opportunity to start building the ship of the protagonists of ONE PIECE, the Get happy.

However, the latest news concerns the American actress Jamie Lee Curtisthat we can remember for example for their participation in the film Cena Con Delitto - Knives Out. In fact, the woman recently admitted that she was a fan of ONE PIECE pirates, and this surprised a large number of fans who began to hope that the actress would get a role in the new series dedicated to opera.

Especially among the numerous characters in the manga, it seems that one can be perfectly suited for the woman or the doctor Kureha. The suggestion is from a Reddit user who also remembers how Chopper is the actress' favorite character. The medical expert was actually the mentor of the talking reindeer that the protagonists met on Drum Island.

What do you think about it? Do you think the actress would be suitable for the role? Let us know in the comments.

Finally, I remember that in the ONE PIECE anime, the third act of the Wano saga begins.

FanCast - Jamie Lee Curtis for the role of Dr. Kureha ... She looks at a piece and Chopper is her favorite. by r / OnePiece

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