The Fleet of the Seven is now off the radar. The World Government, at the suggestion of the Reverie, has decided to eliminate this organization entirely and throw its members into disarray. That Group must now earn a place in the pirate worldsaving herself from the navy who are now chasing her.

But back to the old days, the group was much more dangerous and on several occasions a big problem for the Straw Hat crew. In ONE PIECE we got to know them very well in some specific sagas like Alabasta and Thriller Bark. They immediately became known for one thing in the names, did you notice it for everyone? All the Fleet of Seven members have names based on animals.

  • For crocodile, the crocodile is obvious;
  • For Donquijote Doflamingo it is the flamingo;
  • Kuma Bartholomew's name is Kuma, which means bear;
  • Jinbe is the name of a specific type of Japanese clothing associated, among other things, with a species of shark found in Japan called Jimbe Hai;
  • Boa Hancock has a name derived from the boa constrictor;
  • Gecko Moria is not derived from the gecko as you might think, however Combining the two names gives "komori"or bat;
  • Finally, there is Drakul Mihawk, also known as Hawk Eyes, and his name contains the word hawk;

Did you notice them all? In the meantime, here is the ranking of the Fleet of Seven in terms of strength.

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