ONE PIECE is about to reach the incredible milestone of 1000 published chapters. Let's see together the last drawing that the staff of Master Eiichiro Oda shared while waiting for the next publication.

As the war against Onigashima rages on and readers experience an important revelation regarding Kaido, one of the four emperors of the ONE PIECE world, the Shueisha House is an endless story arrived at number 999 and the publication of the four-digit chapter is imminent.

In the past few weeks, Mangaka staff have continued to publish several Images each depicting a member of the group of protagonists the opera to set up a real countdown that fans would have an appointment with every time a new part of their beloved pirates' adventures was made available. The last of these pictures has finally been shared and we can see the first member of the Straw Hat crew or the captain himself. Monkey D. Luffy.

In the tweet reported at the end of the message, we watch the protagonist appear next to the number 1 in one of the first stories told, to remind himself that the Chapter 1000 will coincide with the next release of the manga pages on Shonen Jump. Due to the Christmas holidays, the weekly magazine will soon be interrupted, so that the day expected by ONE PIECE fans will arrive in early 2021.

And you? Are you waiting for the new chapter? Let us know in the comments.

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