Such a gigantic work ONE PIECE, which includes a thousand characters, many locations, cultures, techniques and peculiarities, is kept in check by the genius Eiichiro Oda. Over the course of its now 25-plus year publication, the mangaka has managed to pull together the threads of the project, barring a few drools.

There has been a lot of talk about the possible retcon of ONE PIECE Chapter 1044, but this is just one of the most notable cases. There are also other small changes that are confirmed thanks to official websites, data books of various kinds and information from insiders. These obviously don't concern the manga itself, at least in the vast majority of cases, but limit the theories of the fans, which are instead based on all sorts of information. And now there are changes into two ONE PIECE characters.

That The first change affects Sasaki, one of the six Tobi Roppos in Kaido's service. Originally, the Vivre card's data books had claimed that this character was human and this had sparked a few theories, one of which linked him to Kokoro. In fact, this is confirmed Sasaki is a fish-man of the blue unicorn fish race. The theory that he was associated with the Straw Hat Pirates' ally is de facto disputed.

there the second change affects Caesar Clown instead, the mad scientist encountered and confronted in Punk Hazard. Luffy & Co.'s enemy was originally 40 years old, but the official Vivre Card databook website has updated this value: Caesar Clown is 55 years old. That puts all of the MADS scientists waiting to hear the latest number in roughly the same age bracket.

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