Mangakas in Japan are very introverted and tend to avoid showing themselves, also to prevent fans besieging them as can happen to any other celebrity. For mangaka like Eiichiro Oda, Author of ONE PIECEthis is all the more important considering the many fans he has around the world.

There are those who meet him at a resort and those who can’t help but wait for the few situations that arise. However, for the rest of the fans, there are the TV shows that affect him at times. In fact, a program was recently broadcast in Japan showing Eiichiro Oda’s house with all its curiosities. Giraffes, zebras, objects of all kinds, lots of clutter and even a train: why the ONE PIECE mangaka decided to decorate his house like this?

As revealed in an interview with the mangaka, Eiichiro Oda admitted that despite a manga with ridiculous drawings and for that he earned a lot just as ridiculously he wanted to fix up his own house, prepare any room with many quirks on furniture. But there is also an anecdote about Eiichiro Oda’s 100-inch TV: Although the shop owner had advised him to get the 90-inch TV, the mangaka really wanted the 100-inch TV to surprise his friends. Only that the TV was too big and In order to get them into the house, it was necessary to break through a wall.

Certainly these anecdotes about the creator of ONE PIECE help to better define the character of the character.

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