The Red Sheaths are determined to help their allies. Has given up fighting Kaido to support her alliance in the last few chapters of ONE PIECE We have seen them take different directions to fulfill different roles.

The beginning of the Chapter 1012 of ONE PIECE gave room for the remaining samurai to figure out how to proceed and where to go. While Kin'emon will go from Kanjuro to Momonosuke and Kiku, the others seemed to be on their own, looking for a goal to pursue.

But Shishilian's arrival changed the goal of one of them: Nekomamushi. The leader of the population of Zou actually learns the fate of Pedro, who died on Whole Cake Island after attempting to stop Perospero with a bomb. This simple story, which Nekomamushi has not known since his pilgrimage in search of Marco and Izo, completely changes the expression of the giant cat.

ONE PIECE 1012 thus indicates Nekomamushi's entry into a new battle. On the way to the place where Carrot and Wanda fought with Perospero, Zou's night guide is determined to do so Collect vengeance for Pedro's death I'll fight one of Big Mom's strongest commanders. Will his strength be enough to kill the enemy?

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