The anime of ONE PIECE continues the story of the journey that forever changed the life of the legendary Kozuki Oden, marked by encounters with extremely important personalities in the universe created by Master Oda and despite the recent announcement of filler episodes that will last the duration of the Retrospect will extend. comes an expected confrontation.

The land of Wa narrative arc aims to deepen some of the most significant moments in the life of Kozuki Oden, Samurai originally from Wanokuni who later became the daimyo of Kuri and at the same time revealed part of the secrets that the last year of the life of the Pirate King Gol D. Roger. It will be the precise meeting between these two characters to define the basis of Oden's most important adventure, and in the episode 965 preview, it seems that the two will face each other very soon.

As shown in the video reported at the end of the message, the episode in question is titled "Cross swords! Roger against whitebeard"will focus on the fight between the members of the two crews involved, and under the fast frames you can also see Silver Rayleigh, Shanks and the much younger Buggy.

Recall that chapter 1005 showed the great battle of Nico Robin and we let you find out what the members of CP9 would look like in reality.

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