ONE PIECE has experienced several setbacks lately. The world has gone downhill since the end of the saga of Wano, the first true game changer of Eiichiro Oda's manga. The four emperors have changed, the world government and navy do not stop crushing enemies, and The pirates move on.

After Wano, Shanks traveled to Elbaf and it had been practically confirmed from several chapters that he too would face a supernova. So after Blackbeard started fighting Trafalgar Law, another very important feud between the old and new generations arose. The companions who helped Luffy bring down Kaido and Big Mom therefore immediately found themselves engaged in a seemingly unequal fight.

In ONE PIECEThe final chapter marked the victory of Shanks, who displayed unparalleled power and was able to instantly take out the captain of the Kidd Pirates and beyond, as his First Officer Killer was also caught up in the attack and fainted. The main attack was yet to come, however, as the strength of Dory and Brogy, the two giants known in Little Garden, resulted in the destruction of Kidd's ship and the scattering of the crew, most of which fell into the water.

And the choice of narrator is very eloquent: i Kidd's pirates were destroyed. As a result, the ONE PIECE manga has just lost one of its Supernovas as well as one of Luffy's young rivals. At this point, Kidd's fate remains a mystery, who knows if he'll one day return as an ally or a rival.

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