The Manga King is close to his 1000th chapter, which will open next year. But in the meantime that is 2020 of ONE PIECE and will happen with chapter 999. This is scheduled for Sunday on MangaPlus and there are already so many elements that suggest a look back at Ace at the end of the chapter.

As always, the first spoilers hit the net very early. And the impressions in the finale of the last chapter are confirmed: ONE PIECE 999 begins with a look back at Yamato and Ace. Let's see everything together Spoiler content of ONE PIECE 999.

  • The title will be "the liqueur I made for you" (君 が た め ι†Έ み し し εΎ…)
  • Yamato confronts Ace.
  • Ace has arrived in Onigashima while Kaido is on an expedition.
  • Ace came to the island to rescue children kidnapped from the main island of Wanokuni.
  • Ace says the children's parents couldn't make up their minds, Yamato replies that she wants to leave the island and live freely, as Oden did with his adventures.
  • After the battle they become much more friends, drink and talk about the young pirates, including Luffy.
  • We then move on to the present, with Marco trying to fly onto the roof with Zoro.
  • Marco briefly remembers Ace.
  • Queen and King transform to stop Marco.
  • Tama learns that Luffy is Ace's brother.
  • Yamato says Luffy has a D in his name.
  • Big Mom is on the roof telling Kaido not to kill Nico Robin.
  • Kaido asks Big Mom if the three-eyed girl (pudding) who is with her has not yet awakened the ability to read the old texts.
  • Kaido's devil fruit is the "Uo Uo no Mi, mythological type" (Fruit fish fish). The exact model was not specified for the time being.
  • Big Mom gave it to Kaido on the day Rocks fell.

In addition to some details about the past, the present seems to be hiding many upcoming revelations in ONE PIECE. And in the finale, the name Rocks is revived and could return in ONE PIECE 1000.

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