On the last pages of ONE PIECE We were able to observe the various events during the Onigashima War, including the escape of Momonosuke and Shinobu with the help of Yamato. Let us see what request Kaido's daughter made to the child on this occasion.

During the battle theself-proclaimed oden Kozukitook sides in defense of Momonosuke At Luffy's request, and while Luffy tries to reach the emperor's whereabouts, the girl does everything possible to protect what could one day become the new shogun of Wano.

During her escape from Sasaki, one of the Tobiroppos, Yamato tries to keep the child's morale high by asking them not to die as they are supposed to lead the world to its dawn. These words are full of mysteries, but they seem to be linked to the young man's dynasty and his father's dream or the reopening of the borders of the samurai land.

Certainly, the path leading to this destiny does not seem easy. The same vassals of the previous Shogun suffered a violent counter-attack from Kaido and his presence in the last chapter of ONE PIECE Grandmother it helps to lower our people's hopes of victory. Not even Luffy It seems to be up to the two pirates, but perhaps with the help of new allies we could see a conflict between powers of the same plane.

What do you think about it? What do you think Yamato is referring to when he speaks of "Dawn of the World"? Let us know in the comments. I also remind you that Zoro became the first member of the Straw Hat crew 21 years ago in the ONE PIECE anime.

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