ONE PIECE 993 and Kaido’s endless struggle: date and theories for the next chapter

ONE PIECE 992 gave us an exciting battle. The Foderi Rossi and Kaido, the emperor, have continued a battle that has lasted twenty years and holds the island of Wanokuni firmly in a vice. Tonight it will all end one way or another, but how?

This time around, there doesn't seem to be any unexpected pauses for Eiichiro Oda's manga, with MangaPlus explaining how ONE PIECE 993 will be released on Sunday October 25th at 5:00 p.m. because we remind you that solar time will return and therefore the publication of the time zone with Japan is increasing.

But What will happen in Chapter 993 of ONE PIECE?? The fight between the Red Sheaths and Kaido has ended for the time being with a deep wound inflicted on the emperor, who cannot respond properly to Wanokuni's samurai. However, the struggle, which has been going on for twenty years, could take some unexpected turns in the next chapter, and Kaido finally decides to get serious. In fact, the strongest creature has remained almost helpless to take the blows of its opponents for the time being.

It would be the right time to see Kaido uses its hybrid form. However, it is unlikely that the chapter will focus solely on that fight. In fact, there are still a few situations at stake where Carrot and Yamato each have their own goal, not to mention Marco who is now facing two enemies, one of which is the Empress Big Mom.

Marco against Big Mom and Carrot in the Sulong version against Perospero It would turn out to be a battle with some charm. What do you expect from the next chapter of ONE PIECE? And now we are getting closer and closer to chapter 1000 of ONE PIECE.

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