A week's break of ONE PIECE can have bad side effects on its readers. There is no doubt that Eiichiro Oda is following a completely different routine which could lead him to take a break every two weeks. This means that the manga's twists and turns will have to wait longer to be revealed.

This week chapter 981 of ONE PIECE will arrive on MangaPlus, scheduled for Sunday 7 June at 18:00. But surprisingly, the first spoilers arrived very well in advance, which, according to the network's most famous insiders, are reliable. Here are the spoiler for ONE PIECE 981:

  • Apoo survived Kidd's attack but suffered damage. Kidd is pedantic that Apoo is a Kaido subordinate. The two start fighting.
  • Killer says that Apoo's attack range is the one in which you can perceive sounds.
  • A Number appears, Hatcha, which has the laughter "Hachacha". Hatcha can be a reference to number 8.
  • Who's Who prepares with his crew to find Yamato.
  • As Who's Who looks towards Queen, he too says he has someone he wants to get rid of.
  • Kinemon's team tries to go to Black Maria's residence because there are no people there, but they meet Big Mom.
  • Chopper is hiding in the tank. Big Mom meets Chopper's gaze.
  • Marco stops the Big Mom pirates from climbing the waterfall.
  • Nekomamushi, Marco and Izo appear at the end of the chapter.

It seems that ONE PIECE will finally bring back into play the former Whitebeard pirates, including Marco the Phoenix and Izo, former attendant of Oden Kozuki. A chapter 981 full of emotions is shaping up.

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