Hachinosu is the new territory where a battle takes place. This island of the New World ONE PIECE, where the Rocks pirates were once born, is now the domain of Emperor Blackbeard and his crew. Despite this, Monkey D. Garp and SWORD’s attack has begun, all with the aim of rescuing Koby from enemy clutches.

The Blackbeard pirates showed their devil fruits, but the same goes for the SWORD soldiers who meddled with their skills to launch the counterattack in pirate land. Things in ONE PIECE just keep getting more interesting and it certainly doesn’t stop there. In fact, the first advances of the next chapter take your breath away. Here are the ONE-PIECE 1081 spoiler.

  • Chapter 1081 of ONE PIECE is titled “Kuzan, Captain of the Tenth Ship”;
  • The narrator announces that Trafalgar Law has been defeated but is still alive. Bepo is also alive while the Heart Pirates were defeated. The child’s condition is unknown;
  • Aokiji Kuzan is Blackbeard’s tenth in command and is therefore the captain of the tenth ship;
  • When Kuzan joined the Blackbeard pirates, the Emperor asked him about the “man with the burn scar” because it seems that the human is the one holding the last road poneglyph;
  • There is a Battle between Aokiji and Garp;
  • Garp seems to have the upper hand in the fight with Aokiji;
  • No Kid, Dragon, Shanks or other characters of this caliber are shown.

It’s going to be a really interesting chapter with a Marine and an ex-Marine of absolute power compared. ONE PIECE 1081 will be released on Manga Plus on Sunday April 23rd, the final chapter before the Golden Week hiatus.

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