If in ONE PIECE 1079 the omnipotence of Emperor Shanks was revealed, who single-handedly destroyed Captain Kidd's entire crew, the next chapter will be theby Eiichiro Oda completely changed scenery and place.

A far cry from the events of Egghead and Elbaf, the Chapter 1080 of ONE PIECE brings readers back to Koby, who was kidnapped by Blackbeard during the Amazon Lily incident. After more than 20 chapters we find out Koby was taken to Hachinosu Island and that Teach intends to exploit it to have his island recognized as a legitimate pirate kingdom. But Kobi he reveals that he is part of the SWORD, Marines who are officially no longer part of the world government and who can act on their own initiative, bypassing the strict rules, and who have thus doomed the pirate's plan to failure. However, Blackbeard is convinced that the world government cannot so easily sacrifice the new hero the whole world is hailing, and that Koby will therefore remain imprisoned until he understands what to do with him.

Koby manages to escape his captivity by fomenting a riot that also includes Gekko Moria and Perona. To allow his "comrades" to escape, Koby continues to attract the Blackbeard pirates until he is surrounded. When it seems over, reinforcements arrive.

After discovering the Blackbeard Pirates' Devil Fruits, The SWORD Marines enter the scene. Koby was rescued, but Garp also arrives on Hachinosu Island as promised. Luffy's grandfather, along with Koby's master and former Navy Vice Admiral, pull off a clean sweep of Hachinosu with a powerful Galaxy Impact. There Battle between the SWORD and the Blackbeard Pirates it's about to light up.

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