It had been clear for some time that there would be a traitor. And it's not about the traitor who met CP0, with a stumsy revealing who he really is. No, in the last chapters of ONE PIECE It was very clear that something else was wrong, there was another mysterious character throwing a spanner in the works for the protagonists.

In recent chapters, the interventions of Egghead's traitor have been accentuated, but he's there ONE PIECE 1078 which has finally revealed itself. After Shaka is shot, who appears to be dead at the moment, the final page of the chapter reveals that the traitor is York, one of Vegapunk's six satellites, the one who seemed to be the most naive and simple-minded of the group. And instead, despite his very special role in the Brilliant Scientist's Economy of Creations, he betrayed his brothers and parents to become a celestial dragon.

It's not yet clear why York would want to become a Celestial Dragon, although given his incarnation it's legitimate that he wants it all. Her Reasons could be explored in ONE PIECE 1079, a chapter that will continue the fight and maybe even start another one. While York is at Vegapunk, Chopper, Nico Robin and Atlas could arrive at this lab which could potentially prevent them from killing the scientist. On the upper floors, however, keep an eye on S-Snake, the only one not tamed, as the other three Seraphim already have their hands full. We must complete this phase to get to the famous Egghead incident that is so much talked about on a narrative level.

ONE PIECE 1079 will be released on Manga Plus on Sunday, March 26th at 5:00 p.m., with a clock change for the arrival of Daylight Saving Time.

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