Eiichiro Oda has hidden so many mysteries and secrets in it ONE PIECE, his current masterpiece, whose assembling of the parts is complex but very satisfying. With the new manga saga, a few fragments actually take their place in the great narrative puzzle.

Chapter 1065 of ONE PIECE told us about an ancient secret, something mysterious that the dr Vegapunk is aware and that it could forever change our perception of the mythology built by Eiichiro Oda In the years. Despite this, it is possible that the author has already anticipated what he saw in the new edition, namely the mysterious past of civilization with technologies of the future.

As explained by Artur: Library of Oharain fact we knew from aancient technology that already existed on the moon in the past in the Water 7 saga, a pre-Void Century civilization. This was precisely done by Dr. Vegapunk, who came into possession of the designs of the automatons from the moon, from which he began his research to bring this ancient technology back to the present.

We just have to wait for the next effects of the manga to know more details about this mystery that will finally be solved.

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