While the anime is still focused on Onigashima, the straw hat pirates in the manga have finally managed to leave the samurai island behind after staying at the release level for over 4 years. now ONE PIECE has started a new sagathe beginning of the much-anticipated phase that will bring the manga to its finale in a few years.

Landing in Egghead brought many surprises, both for the protagonists and for the readers. With ONE PIECE 1062 The shocks continue, with more revelations and the first enemies to come into play. First there is the cover with the mini-adventure of Germa 66, which this time is not the protagonist while Chocolat Town is frozen. However, in the main story, the crew quarrels with Vegapunk, who has decided to loot their treasures. The presence of Zoro and Nico Robin doesn't make it easy though, and it does Vegapunk "Lilith" is contacted by Vegapunk "Shaka".who is excited to meet the Straw Hat Pirates.

On the island, Luffy and the others go to Vegapunk's lab while Bonney reveals that his father Kuma was accidentally reduced to a puppet by the scientist and thus has him with him. In the lab, between holograms and robots, the pirates encounter another Vegapunk avatar. Meanwhile, the CP0, consisting of Lucci, Kaku and Stussy, make their way to Egghead with Kuma Bartholomew's Seraphim to fix it and more the secret goal of killing Vegapunk. With this shocking revelation, ONE PIECE 1062 ends.

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