A new era begins in Weekly Shonen Jump: ONE PIECE is back and his final saga is about to begin. The free month kept readers on their toes who wanted to know more about bounties, Ryokugyu and his powers, the whole world that is always very active and full of surprises.

That Chapter 1054 of ONE PIECE For this reason, it is dedicated to many scenarios. Behind the cover with Detective Conan comes a page with the four new Emperors laughing, each in their own way. There's Buggy with a very big smile, there's Shanks with a determined grin, Blackbeard with his classic pirate laugh and Luffy in Gear Fifth as we saw him against Kaido. However, the protagonist does not appear in this chapter as the beginning is dedicated to a clash between Ryokugyu and the Nine Red Scabbards, who intervened to prevent the admiral from disrupting the party. Likewise Yamato comes to fightfollowed by Momonosuke, who surprises everyone by taking it upon himself to keep the admiral at bay.

Meanwhile, things aren't going well in the rest of the world: we start outside of Wano, on the border of the island that harbors Shanks' ship. The pirate begins to remember the moment when he got the gom gom fruit and when he sacrificed his arm for Luffy. Despite the crew's admonitions, he decides not to see Luffy and join the hunt for the One Piece. Elsewhere, Akainu finds himself conversing with Kizaru and Kurouma, the head of the Navy's investigative division. It was said that Sabo murdered Cobra and is now hailed as a revolutionary leader with a reputation that transcends Dragon's. With Princess Bibi gone, possibly related to the events that befell Mary Geoise, Akainu confirms that she will set all her enemies on fire to keep this era on the horizon at bay.

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