Everyone has been waiting for him, even Weekly Shonen Jump, and the time is coming. on MangaPlus, ONE PIECE 1054 will be available from Sunday 24 July 2022. However, the wait is of course so long that spoiler providers have been unleashed on the web, revealing leak after leak regarding the next chapter.

And now, after the last few days, it’s time to see that full spoilers of ONE PIECE 1054 complete with images. It begins with a cover dedicated to the collaboration between ONE PIECE and Detective Conan, and then continues with a full color page featuring the Four Emperors. Then the actual chapter entitled The Emperor of Flames begins with a scenario about the Capital of Flowers. Kinemon and the other Red Sheaths notice someone approaching town, with Kinemon saying that Luffy and his friends can’t figure out what’s going on, so they decide to deal with the intruder on their own.

Ryokugyu approaches and is intercepted by the samurai and shinobu, so he starts using his powers, warning them that they have no rights and are not affiliated with the world government. Put your hands in the ground and start growing lots of plants to show that you have the Mori Mori no Mi and that you are nature personified by stating that you are a Logia. Ryokugyu goes on to say that for stability it takes an underdog to be discriminated against, and meanwhile it turns into some kind of big tree and attacks the Red Scabbards with its roots, but the latter defends itself while the Admiral keeps talking and saying that will catch Monkey D. Luffy at the cost of killing thousands of people.

Yamato appears and hits Ryokugyu on the headto knock it over and damage it. Yamato will not tolerate the admiral’s words, and now that the country has been liberated from 20 years of tyranny, he will tolerate no further interference. Momonosuke also enters the battlefield in dragon form and is determined not to tolerate this intervention. After a failed attack, Momonosuke bites Ryokugyu and tries to take him away from the capital, but the admiral envelops him in many branches. Yamato tries to help the Shogun, but he refuses.

Shanks’ ship can be seen in the Sea of ​​Wano. Some of the crew tell Shanks that he wants to see Luffy since he’s become a great pirate. The Emperor remembers the last time he sailed the waters of Wano when he parted from Oden. As his crew talks, Shanks looks at Luffy’s poster and a flashback with the red ship chasing the Navy, a warship carrying the CP9, sets off. A young who’s who asks the pirates what they want and says they just carry a plain devil fruit and you see that Moment when Shanks got his hands on the gom gom fruit. Then he remembers the moment he sacrificed his arm, and in the present he squeezes it. However, Shanks has no intention of meeting Luffy. With Bartolomeo attacking his territories with Luffy’s flag, Shanks decides to take care of him first. Then the Emperor decides to join the fight for One Piece.

At the Navy Headquarters, there is a secret meeting with Akainu, where he talks about the revolutionaries along with Kizaru and a stranger. The latter explains the situation of how Sabo became a hero for killing Cobra, the last ruler of the 20 kingdoms that established the world government 800 years earlier. You then see the news in the newspaper the assassination of King Cobra by Sabo. He also explains that a few hours before the assassination, the emblem of the heavenly dragons, which amounts to a declaration of war, was destroyed. Bartholomew Kuma was also released. Meanwhile, Princess Bibi has disappeared.

At this moment, the Marine is introduced, he is Kurouma (real name Tensei), head of the Marine’s Investigative Division. It is not known if the princess’ disappearance is related to the accident, but in the meantime, Alabasta’s ship is still anchored on Red Island. Sabo is now blamed for everything, sparking a revolution that has surpassed Dragon in popularity. However, Akainu promises that he will destroy them all. ONE PIECE 1054 ends with this big declaration of war.

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