As the Flower Capital continues its celebrations, fierce battles erupt at Onigashima Castle. Yamato, who alone kept Kaido on the facility's skull dome, has finally received the long-awaited reinforcements. Luffy and Momonosuke appeared ONE PIECE.

Fueled by the Straw Hat's tenacity and grown up thanks to the power of Shinobu, Momonosuke has finally managed to fly and make in ONE PIECE 1050 Return to Onigashima. What awaits him, however, is something that is still too big for him.

While Luffy and Yamato are already fighting and combining their strongest blows, Momonosuke watches the scene petrified, overwhelmed by the fear he feels of the emperor who killed his father. However, the combined powers of Luffy and Yamato are not enough, the two also need the help of the young samurai heir of Wano.

Finally backed up once more by the words of Luffy, Momonosuke he finds the courage to avenge his parents and sink the fangs into Kaido's flesh. Now he, too, is a target of the Yonko rampage.

In ONE PIECE 1051 the blood and tears shed thus far intertwine in a glimmer of hope entrusted to Luffy. The fate of the land of Wano rests in the hands of the Mugiwara's captain. Luffy and Kaido will face off again on February 12, 2023 in simulcast streaming on Crunchyroll. We leave you with the magnificent animations of the Gear Fourth Snakeman from ONE PIECE 1049.

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