there End of the ONE PIECE war approaches and with it the end of the rule of Kaido and Big Mom. The two emperors are among the last who still have to face and their battles will be the focus of the next chapter of the Oda manga.

The first spoilers of ONE PIECE 1030 had already revealed the highlights of the next issue, which officially arrived on MangaPlus in a few days. In the last few hours, however, with the publication of the images for the entire chapter, the Spoilers summarize the entire chapter 1030 of ONE PIECE. Here's what happens in detail.

In an unfamiliar room in the castle, X-Drake is chatting with Apoo and three of the numbers, numbers 1, 2 and 3. They are alone and no one is watching them. Apoo is certain Drake is a Navy spy, but says it doesn't matter at this point; the Musician pirate Drake offers to join forces and take whatever is left regardless of the winner. Drake doesn't trust, however, but even Apoo reveals he doesn't trust, but both may have something to gain.

On the stairs between the second and first floors there is a group consisting of Nami, Usopp, and some of the Gifters who follow Tama. Kinemon's legs are parried in front of them as they run when he asks for help. Usopp blocks it and finds that he is bleeding profusely. Nami convinces Kinemon's legs to trust and they tell the story. Usopp decides to help him with Hamlet and goes to the penthouse. Here Kinemon is lying on the floor and we see him cut in half, surprised by the situation but looking back at the moment when Law let him hang on Punk Hazard again.

Kiku is lifeless and smeared with blood, Kanjuro is also lying on the floor, apparently unconscious. But suddenly Den Den Mushi echoes in Orochi's voice. The usurper shogun orders his family member to draw something out of the ordinary to use his dying breath to represent the grudges of the Kurozumi clan. Kanjuro lifts the brush and draws something: A deformed and inflamed creature emerges from the shield, the Kazenbo, a giant fire demon. Everything he touches turns to ashes. Kaido's subordinates are the first to suffer his wrath.

On the next page we see a brief account of everything that is happening on and off the island, with Momonosuke still trying to create the clouds of fire. Orochi is sitting in a room in the castle, laughs at the situation and waits for Fukurokuju. He knows that there are a lot of weapons and explosives in the cellars of the castle and that he wants to level everything to the ground. Yamato runs straight towards these halls and manages to avoid Kaido's subordinates. Suddenly, Yamato stops for a roar that destroys the castle walls.

Big Mom unleashed the Ikoku against kids metal doll and dissolved it. Kid flies off the wall when the Empress follows him over Prometheus. In a short flashback Kid and Law talk about awakening their skills and to use them now that they are the only way to try to kill the empress. In the present, while Big Mom prepares for the final attack, Law uses the new technique: Kroom. She covers her sword with Room and manages to knock Big Mom out of her body, seriously injuring her. Instead, Kid turns her into a living magnet and everything metallic begins to approach her in the latest double board from ONE PIECE 1030.

In the next chapter, ONE PIECE will have a full color cover and pages to celebrate the arrival of Wano's climax.


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