What makes the Onigashima War so long and complicated is the strength so far demonstrated by the tops of the Pirates of the Hundred Beasts. While Kaido in chapter 1028 of has to do directly with Luffy and Zoro with King ONE PIECE the focus shifted briefly to the surprising confrontation between Sanji and Queen.

The Emperor re-enters along with his superstars among the most dangerous, violent and powerful adversaries the Mugiwara have ever faced, and when Luffy struggles to regain Wano's freedom and assert his superiority as the future king of the pirates, the two wings, Zoro and Sanji, try every possible way to help him achieve that goal by entering the battlefield.

In the wild battle that led him out of Onigashima Castle, Sanji faced Queen, and luckily managed to avoid the Black Coffee Beam. Queen recognizes Vinsmoke's fighting skills and asks the opponent to give him time to prove why the dinosaurs were once the kings of the world, and soon after, unleashes them Brachiosnakeus, which also gives the title to chapter 1028.

This is an attack that allows him to recharge and use the robotic mechanisms anchored in his body to pounce on Sanji and take hold of him as if he were a giant boa constrictor. There are also gods on his body Rocket launchers, the Brachio Launchersthat once reminded to attack the intended enemy. This time, however, they seem to have awakened the latent power of Vinsmoke in Sanji.

Finally, we leave you with the first spoilers for Chapter 1029, which will be released on Manga Plus on Sunday, October 24th.

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