Luffy’s long journey in ONE PIECE has come to a crucial point. In navigating and exploring the many islands, the Straw Hat Pirate has pirates of little value, members of the Navy, members of the Fleet of the Seven and some of the The most dangerous criminals in the world.

But now it’s even up to an emperor and his crew, that of Kaido of the Hundred Beasts. Most of the emperor’s strongest warriors have fallen in the previous chapters of ONE PIECE: The Tobi Roppos have lost, as have the gigantic numbers. However, there are still some fronts to be won for the Straw Hat Pirates.

In ONE PIECE 1022 we saw the highly anticipated fight of Zoro & Sanji VS King & Queen, or the strongest representatives of their respective crews with the exception of the captains. But there are other battles to watch in Onigashima: we have X-Drake VS Apoo, Nekomamushi VS Perospero, Inuarashi VS Jack, Raizo VS Fukurokuju, Killer VS Hawkins, and most importantly the Clash of Kid & Law VS Big Mom. So there are still a few scenarios to cover and Oda will at least briefly show them to us.

Which of these will we see in ONE PIECE 1023?? It’s more likely that the mangaka will focus on the smaller fights for the time being, leaving the King, Queen, and Big Mom fight for the end, though it will inevitably show us a board or two for the fight’s progression. In addition, part of the room must also be dedicated to Luffy and Momonosuke, who are returning to Onigashima on the flight.

In the next chapter of the manga we will therefore be able to see the beginning of the battle between the two officers of Luffy, another clash with perhaps Nekomamushi VS Perospero and finally the return of the captain to the island. ONE PIECE 1023 will be released on August 29th at 5 p.m. on MangaPlus.

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