The Tobi Roppos get increasingly into trouble. Since O-Tama overturned the situation in Onigashima with his power, the enemy officers have suffered several defeats in the last chapters of ONE PIECE. But Black Maria stayed, the woman who got Sanji in trouble and quarreled with Nico Robin.

The archaeologist didn't hold back, and even fought alone, allowing Brook to focus on the three remaining topics of the giant spider. It was not without effort that Nico Robin came up with all of his new techniques to defeat Black Maria in ONE PIECE 1021 ... and Momonosuke is more determined than ever to help him.

And now What will happen in ONE PIECE 1022?? The beginning will probably be devoted to the events on Wano, with a speech between the little shogun and his current guardian. Luffy will likely step in to try and unlock the situation his own way by closing a bracket that will be short before moving on to the next fight. In fact, there are still battles to be resolved: while Zoro was finally able to get back on his feet and find his final opponent in King, it will be Sanji who triumphs in this chapter.

That Koch has already got into the fight with Queen and they both seem on the verge of using their best moves. Hence, in the next two chapters of ONE PIECE we will be able to see Sanji VS Queen, which is fundamental to the outcome of the battle in Onigashima. ONE PIECE 1022 will be released on MangaPlus on August 22nd at 5pm due to Weekly Shonen Jump's summer break.

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