At the moment ONE PIECE focuses on the battles of Onigashima with the officers in the foreground. With so many minor skirmishes that have taken place, now is the time to see the strongest in the various 1 VS 1s in action.

Jinbe ended his fight while it was Franky’s turn in the final chapter of ONE PIECE. The cyborg defeated Sasaki, but at the expense of his robot. He’s still alive and standing, and with the last board of the fight, Sasaki has a hard time getting up. Who is so far

ONE PIECE 1020 shows us more moments of the clash between Queen and Sanjiwhich now occupy about a page per chapter, while more space is devoted to Zoro who receives the injection for recovery. The Mugiwara swordsman may be able to get back into action in the next chapter and find an opponent.

However, given the end of Chapter 1019, expect at least a few pages devoted to Yamato and Kaido. The duel at the head of Onigashima will drag on for a few more chapters, with Oda dividing it up to show Luffy’s recovery and his return to Onigashima. Finally, that The last pages of the chapter could be dedicated to Black Maria and her encounter with Nico Robin and Brook. The spidery Tobi Roppo is the last to be defeated, and it is possible that Oda will focus on her first and then move on to battles with the Queen and King and finally Kaido.

With Weekly Shonen Jump paused for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the Chapter 1020 of ONE PIECE will not appear on MangaPlus arrive until August 1, 2021.

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