Naruto is one of the most famous shonen of all time and Masashi Kishimoto inspired many other authors with his story. However, Yuki Tabatas Black Clover has found itself at the center of a serious controversy. Sensei has been accused of shamelessly copying the Uchiha clan's Sharingan.

It's not the first time the community has accused Black Clover of being too similar to Naruto. The evolution of had previously caused a stir Relationship between Asta and love, all too similar to the one between Naruto and Kurama. But what is the reason for this new controversy?

As Black Clover 352 lo spoilers prove Shogun Ryuya Ryudo shows the readers his magic eye, the Tengentsu. The appearance of this eye, which allows the leader of the Land of the Sun to observe everything that is happening, is believed by fans identical to the Sharinganthe eye art that distinguishes members of Naruto's Uchiha clan.

It's impossible not to notice the similarities between the two eyes. Both are red and have tomoe in the iris. But are we really sure that Tabata copied Kishimoto? Not really, because the symbol in the iris is a tomoe, which resembles a crescent or comma in Japanese mythology. Masashi Kishimoto is not the creator of the Tomoe, a Symbol that therefore comes from Japanese folklore. Therefore, the allegations made against Black Clover are without any reasonable basis.

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