The war between the Pirates of the Hundred Beasts under the leadership of Kaido and the Alliance of Pirates and Samurai under the command of Momonosuke and the Red Sheaths has been going on for several chapters of ONE PIECE. Meanwhile In Onigashima there is no longer a corner free from collisions of any kind, between those of the officers and those of the lower thugs.

Now the protagonists of ONE PIECE seem to be more favorites than before as the flow of war will continue to change with O-Tama's tactics. However, it will be necessary to block all enemy officers plus Kaido in order to have the slightest hope permanently free wano. And while Luffy is gone, it's up to Yamato to face the emperor.

The new addition to the manga by ONE PIECE she had yelled at her father at the end of chapter 1015 that she would be the new opponent. And in ONE PIECE 1016 we see the beginning of this fight when Kaido starts fighting with his daughter first in dragon form and then as a hybrid. The latter has not yet used the power of its unknown devil fruit, which, however, could be revealed in a few chapters.

How long will Yamato be able to withstand? before Luffy's return to the island?

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